Green WTS focuses to assure excellent quality for its products so as to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. All products and machines here are a result of proper study and intense research in the light of technological as well as analytical data.

Upgrading and Atomization

There are provisions for upgrading and atomization in case any such demands arise in future. This paves way for minimized investment for capacity enhancement or efficiency augmentation.

Consumables and Replacement

Normally there is not any requirement for consumables and replacement, though plants such as DM/RO are exception. Green WTS provides recharging solutions, resins, activated carbon, dozing chemicals, disinfectants, high quality media and many other chemicals for water treatment.

Spares and Parts

Green WTS relationship with customers never ends with product delivery. In case of needs for any spares and parts in future, we offer you the best. The deliverables from us include valves, vessels, ejectors, pumps, strainers, membrane, membrane housing and dosing systems. Disinfecting equipments such as ozonator, UV etc. are also provided. We in addition offer you different types of instruments for monitoring quality like conductivity meter and TDS. Other instruments offered include Rota meter and Pressure gauges for flow measuring. Green WTS besides avails spares and parts for control panel board, chemicals for dosing etc.


  • Vast pool of products and services.
  • As the machines are mostly not consumable and power operated, negligible operational cost.
  • User-friendly design and implementation makes the plants easier to operate.
  • Backwash facility on line minimizes repairs and replacement for maintenance.
  • Outstanding finishing and the use of genuine quality construction materials resist biodegradation and corrosion.
  • There are virtually no mobile parts and so no issues of wear and tear are there.
  • Availability is ensured at most competitive rates in the industry.