Green Water Treatment Solutions (GWTS)

Water is a precious commodity that is critical to every part of the Gulf Region’s economy and infrastructure. Green Water Treatment Solutions (GWTS) is one of the region’s leading water solution providers. We focus on preserving and optimising water in the most environmentally sustainable way, by applying technologically advanced solutions.

When it comes to water, we are the answer. No matter how your organisation uses this fundamental resource, we can help you become greener, cleaner and more cost-efficient. GWTS provides a full range of environmental water management solutions and services, all aimed at sustaining natural resources via advanced technology. We cover the complete water cycle, from helping to deliver high-purity supply to treating contaminated water, and everything in between.

Some of our Services

Operation and Maintenance Services

Annual Performance Based Chemical Dosing Contracts

Water Management Consultancy Services

Environment Performance Improvement Services

De- Bottle Necking / Trouble Shooting / Revamp Services

Water Testing And Certification, Water Test Kits

Founded in the UAE in 2011 and owned by a female Emirati, we offer proven, high-quality plant and equipment solutions, professional services (such as testing, cleaning and training) and an extensive range of chemicals to numerous sectors and organisations across the region.

Our clients range from major industry and utilities providers to malls and hospitals, as well as airports and hotels.

We also proudly partner some of the world’s most renowned technology providers, including Rochester Midland Corporation and atg UV Technology, in order to remain at the leading edge of sustainable water treatment.


We cover the complete water cycle, from helping to deliver high-purity supply to treating contaminated water


Our high-quality team of waste treatment engineers, chemical technologists and environmental experts have more than 30 years’ experience in this region


Our engineers will survey your plant and system requirements, monitor your treatment programmes and regularly evaluate the results in order to optimise performance

Our Vision

To provide effective solutions that sustain essential natural resources.

Our Mission

To build rewarding partnerships with resource reliant organisations.

Our Values

We always look to provide the optimal technical solution for a client’s specific application.


We aim to build collaborative relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.


We are a trusted solution provider, and adhere to the principle of ‘do the right thing’.

Value Creation

We create commercial, technical and competency value for our clients.

GWTS has manufacturing bases in many countries and a wide technical network. Our technical experts support after sales, annual maintenance and operational services for our clients like accomodation camps in remote areas, health clinics, theme parks, sanitation, disinfection sectors and other related industries.

GWTS has

  • State of the art Research and Development facility
  • Laboratory Capability
  • Mobile Lab facility
  • Onsite technical Solutions

We have our office and service infrastructure strategically located in multiple locations in GCC countries for ensuring timely Sales and Service support.

A I M - Asset Integrity Management

Protecting your physical plant assets anytime – anywhere

Information and communication are critical to effective and efficient water treatment program operations. GWTS’s latest development, Asset Integrity Management online toolbox ensures that the following critical information regarding your programs is readily available in a central, secure, online account:


Founded in 2011.

A Khalifa fund company.


Provider of high quality total water management solutions, including plant and equipment solutions, professional services and an extensive range of chemical products.

At the forefront of environmental and technological approaches to water treatment.

Partners with numerous organisations globally, including Rochester Midland Corporation and atg UV Technology.

Certified to ISO 9001, ISO
14001 and OSHAS 18001.

Focused on optimum solutions that help organisations to be greener, cleaner, more efficient and more cost-effective in their use of water.

Operate throughout the Middle East region.

Ability to provide laboratory testing and product development.