Water Treatment Chemicals

Global access to clean potable water as well as the improvement of the environment by managing wastewater effluent is significant challenges for governments and the water industry alike. With the ever-increasing trend towards more demanding legislation coupled with the need for higher plant efficiency and quality, the time has come to employ intelligent solutions, innovative technologies and new strategies in engineering, plant building and operations.:

Green WTS water Treatment Company is your experienced partner for automation in water and wastewater treatment. We work with our customers to improve plant reliability and optimize energy expenditure, materials and maintenance. We can provide support during the construction of new plants and the expansion or modernization of existing sewage treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants as a service partner of integral automation solutions. In addition to remote control-based data transmission, O2 and variable pressure controllers, sludge treatment, and other water-specific processes, well-engineered migration strategies in connection with a comprehensive knowledge of a large variety of systems ensure smooth reconnection during operation as well as an enhanced level of functionality

  • Online Sensor for conductivity, flow, PH/ORP.
  • Microprocessor based digital meter for measuring and giving control output for flow, PH, ORP, conductivity.
  • Microprocessor based control panel for RO plants. (Reverse osmosis plant)
  • Control panels for ultrafiltration.
  • Switches for automation like level switches, pressure switches and flow switches.
  • Analytically product range of hardness test kit and SDI kit. (Silt Density Index )

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