A drilling fluid (mud) in which water or saltwater is the major liquid phase as well as the wetting (external) phase.

Our range of Water Based Mud includes:

  • Drilling Bentonite
    Our Bentonite is a material composed of clay minerals, predominantly montmorillonite with minor amounts of other smectite group minerals, commonly used in drilling fluids.
  • Biocides / Scavangers
    Our Biocides are an additive that kills bacteria.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    Our Corrosion Inhibitors are an additive that decreases the corrosion rate of drilling tools.
  • Defoamers
    Our Defoamers are an additive that removes the bubble of drilling fluids.
  • Drilling Polymers
  • Our Drilling Polymers are a kind of synthetic polymer that be used in most of drilling fluids.
  • Emulsifiers
  • Our Emulsifiers are an additive that be used in preparation and maintenance of an emulsion mud.
  • Filtration Control Agents
    Our Filtration Control Agents are an additive that reduces filtration volume of drilling fluids.
  • Flocculants
    Our Flocculants are an additive that causes a dispersed colloidal system to coagulate and form flocs.
  • Foaming Agents
    An additive used in preparation of foam used as the drilling fluid.
  • Lost Circulation Materials
    An additive that reduces and eventually prevents the flow of drilling fluid into a weak, fractured or vugular formation.
  • Lubricants
    An additive that reduces torque and extends drilling bit and drilling tool’s life.
  • pH Control Agents
    pH Control Agents are an additive which is used to adjust to pH value of drilling fluid according to the drilling fluid requirements.
  • Pipe Freeing Agents / Spotting Fluid
    An additive that frees pipe once it has become stuck
  • Shale Inhibitors
    An additive that inhibits shale from swelling and sloughing.
  • Surfactants
    A material that lowers the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid.
  • Thinners
    An additive that reduces viscosity of drilling fluids.
  • Viscosifiers
    An additive that increases viscosity of drilling fluids.
  • Weighting Materials
    An additive that increases density of drilling fluids.