CLOG-CONTROL is a highly effective, amine–basedbiocide, used for treating and inhibiting the growth of living organisms both micro and macro which cause the problems of biological fouling, within sea cooling water systems. Biological fouling is the formation of a bio–film on the internal surfaces of the cooling system that are in contact with water.This bio–film consists of a layer of micro–organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae.

In case that there is no control of the biological fouling, the bio–film that results from such growth can plug the pump equipment, block pipelines and coat heat transfer surfaces with layers of slime. Biological fouling of the cooling system leads to improper operation and the reduction in the efficiency of the affected equipment.

CLOG-CONTROL consists of specific amine biocides, which prevent and inhibit the living micro organisms such as, bacteria, fungi and macro organisms such as barnacles, mussels and clams. At the same time it protects the seawater systems from corrosion. CLOG-CONTROL can be used in a wide range of applications on board and is suitable for use in all seawater cooling lines, seawater intakes, trimming tanks, ballast tanks etc.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Effectively prevents the formation of marine bio–film in seawater systems and inhibits the growth of living micro and macro–organisms.
  • Protects the system from seawater corrosion,leaving an amine protective film on the metalsurfaces.
  • Removes the bio–film, caused by micro–organisms,on heat exchangers, which acts as insulating barrier therefore increasing the thermal conductivity.
  • Does not consist of strong oxidant materials such as Chlorine and Bromine biocides.
  • Maintains heat transfer in the system.
  • Non toxic, non–corrosive and fully biodegradable.
  • No known effect on rubber or plastic compounds.
  • Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

Physical Properties:

CLOG-CONTROL consists of specific amine biocides and is a non toxic, non–corrosive and fully biodegradable product.