As the leading trading company of drilling chemicals in UAE, we are specialized in providing one stop source for drilling chemicals with factory price and same quality (such as Halliburton, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes).

Our products have been certified by BV and Intertek, according to API and ASTM standard. We stands guarantee of performance of all products manufactured at our manufacturing facilities.

Workover and Completion Fluids

Workover Fluid is a workover work fluid which is used to repair or stimulation of an existing production well for the purpose of restoring, prolonging or enhancing the production of hydrocarbons. Completion Fluid is a solids-free fluid which is used to "complete" an oil or gas well. It is meant to control a well should [...]

Commercial Chemicals

Commercial Chemicals are the common drilling fluid additive. Usually, it is inorganic salt and organic acid. Like Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Soda Ash, Caustic Ash, Calcium Chloride and Citric Acid. Every well needs chemical chemicals. Its consumption depends on depth and diameter of well. Our range of includes: Bentonite OCMA OCMA grade bentonite for water [...]

Cementing Additives

Cementing Additives are chemicals and materials which is added to acement slurry to modify the characteristics of the slurry or set cement. Cement additives may be broadly categorized as accelerators, retarders, fluid loss additives, dispersants, extenders, weighting agents, lost circulation additives and special additives designed for specific operating conditions. Cementadditives are commonly available in powder [...]

Foaming Based Mud (FBM)

Foaming Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which compressed air or gas are used in place of drilling fluid to circulate cuttings out of the wellbore. It belongs to pneumatic drilling fluids. Foaming Based Mud is especially suitable especially suitable for drilling large holes in formations that are prone to lost circulation. It has [...]


Oil Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which is an invert-emulsion mud or an emulsion whose continuous phase is oil. In the past, the term referred to an oil mud containing less than about 5 vol. % water. Our range of Oil Based Mud includes: Primary Emulsifier EMP A kind of zwitterionic surfactant, used [...]

Water Based Mud (WBM)

A drilling fluid (mud) in which water or saltwater is the major liquid phase as well as the wetting (external) phase. Our range of Water Based Mud includes: Drilling Bentonite Our Bentonite is a material composed of clay minerals, predominantly montmorillonite with minor amounts of other smectite group minerals, commonly used in drilling fluids. Biocides [...]