Corrosion inhibitors

Specialty chemicals which focus on reducing the detrimental effects of corrosion on plant and equipment, helping to reduce down-time and improve operational efficiency by offering readymade solutions to the problems associated with such corrosive environments.

Multifunctional additives

These multifunctional have been specifically developed to be used across a range of industrial and process applications and offer combined performance benefits.

Oxygen scavengers

These specialty additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers and process systems by offering readymade solutions to the problems caused as a result of oxygen associated corrosion.

Condensate line protection

These treatment products have been developed to be used across a range of steam boiler, industrial and process applications.

PH adjusters

High performance additives which have been specifically developed for use across a range ofprocess and industrial boiler treatment applications.

Scale inhibitors

Scale Inhibitor solution include wide range of hard water prohibitors, ionising and protective speciality chemicals. The application various from drinking water to drilling applications.

Sludge conditioners

To combat sludge build up and reduced boiler efficiencies.