Packaged Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

We have successfully installed and commissioned Packed mineral water plants in various location, it generate huge volume of water every day. Depends on the requirement, plant can e designed and installed in the location on time with good quality.

Compact Plant

waste water treatment
  • Pre-assembled, skid-mounted and factory-tested packaged systems with less requirements for installation and reduced onsite
  • construction costs
  • Compact designs for easy integration into existing facilities
  • Completed engineering packages and quick delivery
  • Comprehensive cleaning capabilities for peak systems performance
  • Simple operation and maintenance requires minimal operator supervision
  • We have different systems for wastewater treatment, drinking water and tertiary treatment
  • Optional side loading tank for plants with height restrictions

Package Plant

waste water treatment
  • Reduced on-site construction costs with less interconnecting requirements
  • Quick delivery with complete engineering package already completed
  • Cost-effective solutions for virtually all water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Comprehensive cleaning capability for peak system performance
  • Simple and highly automated operation and in-situ membrane cleaning
  • Modular building-block design
  • Simplified start up with minimal installation time
  • Compact footprint with flexible layout options
  • Greenfield or retrofit solutions.

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