OXYCONTROL is a liquid catalyst compound which reacts instantly with dissolved oxygen in water thus protecting the boiler from oxygen corrosion. The highly efficient results achieved, are based on its reaction time and its ability to bind, to absorb and to counteract the dissolved oxygen, even at low temperatures. Additionally, OXYCONTROL is applicable to all steam generating and water systems, when the neutralizing of dissolved carbon dioxide is required.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Protects against oxygen corrosion and can be used at low temperatures.
  • Very efficient and rapid oxygen scavenger.
  • Can be used in combination with a number of other treatment products.
  • Safe to use on any steam generators and steam boilers experiencing dissolved oxygen saturation.
  • Cost effective, easy to handle and apply.

Physical Properties:

OXYCONTROL is a concentrated liquid sulfite compound with a specialized catalyst for oxygen binding.