Working with technology partners is fundamental to our philosophy. The international partnerships that we’ve forged enable us to access the best products, services and technology in sustainable water treatment – boosting both our capability and client benefits.

Our key strategic partnership with Rochester Midland Corporation has led to significant benefits for both organisations. A family-owned business originally founded in 1888, RMC is a global expert in sustainable integrated solutions for water treatment, and a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

RMC’s water energy programmes for cooling towers, boilers and other closed loop programmes save energy through improved heat transfer efficiency, by removing existing deposits and preventing future deposits. Their wastewater treatment solutions increase water reuse, decrease solid waste and ensure compliance with wastewater discharge requirements. Long involved with green initiatives and other sustainable efforts, RMC began to formalise its sustainability efforts in 2010, by publishing its first sustainability report. GWTS is proud to be part of this international network.

Established in 1981, UK-based company atg Ultraviolet (UV) Technology has over 35 years’ experience in UV disinfection/ treatment systems. Their solutions have been successfully installed in thousands of applications across a range of industries – from drinking water, oil and gas, industrial, aquatics and marine to food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and aquaculture. atg’s solutions use UV light operating between 200 and 280 nanometres (nm); commonly known as germicidal UV-C light. UV-C light can protect water against all known species of harmful microorganisms and viruses, by causing irreparable damage to – respectively – their DNA or RNA, rendering them harmless. In particular, UV-C light is a proven and effective barrier for the 17 known chlorine-resistant waterborne microorganisms, including cryptosporidium and giardia. Considered one of the best disinfection technologies available, UV is now used throughout the world for both primary and secondary disinfection of water in a vast range of industries and applications. By partnering with atg UV Technology, we are able to offer this technology to our clients.

JDS Chemicals has over 45 years of proven experience in developing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty and industrial chemicals. Our mission is to support companies in surpassing their goals in the optimization of costs and performance while maintaining the strictest environmental and compliance standards.