Membrane Reactor Cleaning and Protection

The wastewater treatment plants have undergone a huge transformation over the years. The traditional methods are no more in use. Newer technologies and process have become the norm. MBR is one such popular process. Maintaining MBR with longer intervals of cleaning and avoiding the permanent blocks are the tricks of the trade. GWTS offers a combination of chemicals, monitoring and service to achieve double the design life and higher permeate flows.
Water MBR

MBR cleaning and Rejuvenations

MBR membrane provide absolute clean effluent after treatment thanks to Nano level pore sizes and compatibility of materials used. MBR membranes are designed to withstand harsh environment, but are susceptible for oil, fat and calcium deposit as well as other metal oxide coatings and scales. Biological fouling is another fouling factor. Green Water Treatment Solutions (GWTS) provide innovative membrane care products, which is pioneer in this technology applications. RO antiscalent are very popular in maintaining the RO membrane from fouling and scaling. Scale inhibitors and dispersants are key factors. MBR membrane cleaners are not provided by any of the global players, GWTS provide such solution from RMC-USA. Envirocare Liqui Bac SC is a special product which will keep the membrane surface clean from Oil, Fat and biological fouling. EQC-3 when applied on right intervals with monitoring of hardness and pH can achieve excellent pore protection and provide nearly design permeability through the membrane.

Experience in Food Industry and Package sewage treatment Plants

MBR modules are guaranteed by manufacturers for a period of 3 years and extended guarantee is for another one year. GWTS could achieve 7 years operational excellence of Plate type MBR membrane with regular addition of Enviro- Care Liqui Bac and regulated dosing of EQC-3. The design flow of 55 M3/Day is maintained even after 7 years with no major indication of permanent fouling.

Service and Monitoring

It is not the chemicals alone make the difference, regular monitoring, testing and expert site visit are imperative for the success of long term MBR operational excellence. MBR preservation provide huge capital cost saving and operational cost benefit. A typical 1000 CMD (Cubic meter per day) plant when operated under GWTS provide a return on investment in less than 6 months. Higher Life Expectancy of morethan 7 years and with increasing cost of water MBR Operational Excellence offer unique potential and substantial financial savings.