Foaming Based Mud is a drilling work fluid which compressed air or gas are used in place of drilling fluid to circulate cuttings out of the wellbore. It belongs to pneumatic drilling fluids. Foaming Based Mud is especially suitable especially suitable for drilling large holes in formations that are prone to lost circulation. It has been applied to oil & gas, mining, water well and horizontal direction drilling.

Our range of Oil Based Mud includes:

  • Bentonite
    High yield drilling bentonite
  • Filtration Control Agents
    Low viscosity carboxyl methyl cellulose filtration control agent.
    Premium grade purified low viscosity polyanionic cellulose filtration control agent.
    High performance, water dispersible, low viscosity polyanionic cellulose filtration control agent.
  • Foaming Stabilizer
    High polymer emulsion foaming stabilizer.
    Multi-function partial hydrolyzed polyacrylamide PHPA foaming stabilizer.
    High viscosity carboxyl methyl cellulose foaming stabilizer.
    Premium grade purified high viscosity, polyanionic cellulose foaming stabilizer.
    High performance, water dispersible polyanionic cellulose foaming stabilizer.
    Very effective xanthan gum foaming stabilizer.
  • Foaming Agents
    Premium liquid foaming agent for foam drilling application.
    Premium solid foaming agent for foam drilling application.

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