Energy and Water savings-Chemical Treatment plays important Role

Till very recent times, the discussions on saving water and energy were befalling discretely. We all know the importance of saving energy, and that of saving water but could have never imagined a link between them. Fortunate that, at least now, some happened to realise the possibility of conserving both together. A very simple illustration is to relate our warm water showers to the scenario. In the absence of either water or energy, is it possible? In broader terms, for our household consumption, water and energy in form of electricity is supplied from the state. Pumping water to our homes involves a great amount of energy, just as to operate power plants; a huge amount of water is required.

The accentuating aspect is, the collective exploitation of resources leading to their scarcity. In the course of exploring new sources, the waste water treatment became the need of the hour and is a tremendously engrossed area by industrial economy. The most effective and conventional method for water purification is chemical treatment.

Waste water treatment is a long process starting with odour control, removing solid wastes, and aeration and anaerobic treatment to eliminate other chemical substances, and finally to make it suitable for drinking. In each phase, a number of energy devices like pumps are made use of. The researches going on now are more confined to the industrial use, for it is the larger consumer of both water and energy. The latest goal is set as to develop and device new machinery for water chemical treatment in energy systems for the power industry, the most effected though.

Boiler is an inevitable element in industrial processes. Hence, energy efficient boilers that can be operated in accordance with the water quality are in development stage in many parts of the world, today. Chemical constituents supplied to them not only help for water treatment but increases the equipment life and efficiency. Similar research concerning the application of this new technology to power plant and other equipment are ongoing.

Reducing consumption has become more or less a challenging target. Hence, necessity of waste water treatment has not to be emphasised more in the present day world.