DIESEL COOLING WATER TREATMENT POWDER is a solid mixture of specific corrosion and scale inhibitors, applied for the prevention of corrosion and scale to all marine diesel engines for the treatment of the cooling water. It is the equivalent powder product of D.C.W.T. NON CHROMATE. Furthermore, it can be applied to other cooling and heating closed re–circulating water systems in order to prevent rust and scale development. The application of D.C.W.T. POWDER adjusts the pH value in a range where the desired protection of the metallic surfaces is achieved. Treatment of the cooling water with D.C.W.T. POWDER, in relation to the quantity involved is highly effective, offering a decisive cost advantage.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Prevents corrosion and scale formation.
  • Prevents acid attack.
  • A chromate–free product.
  • It is not an oil compound and does not create foaming.
  • Protects various metal surfaces and is compatible with non–metals.
  • Increases the engine's efficiency.
  • Prevents scale overheating and maintains regular heat transfer.
  • Has no effect on rubber and plastic compounds, hoses.
  • Compatible with glycol–based antifreeze and sealing products.
  • Cost effective, easy to handle and apply.

Physical Properties:

D.C.W.T. POWDER is a non-Chromate, Nitrite-based powder compound with a deposit modifier, pH stabilized.

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