DIESEL COOLING WATER TREATMENT NON CHROMATE is a concentrated liquid product used as a corrosion inhibitor and scale controller for the treatment of cooling water in closed systems. It is suitable for use in all diesel engines systems, as well as any other closed water cooling or heating systems. DCWT NON CHROMATE is a complex mixture of corrosion and scale inhibitors, antifoaming agents and pH adjusters. A corrosion inhibitor is any substance which effectively decreases the corrosion rate when added to an environment. The corrosion inhibitors comprising.
D.C.W.T. NON CHROMATE form a protective oxide film on the metal surfaces. These inhibitors are to be used in economical concentrations, and the protective film formed, which can be repaired if damaged, is maintained by the correct level of dosed treatment in the system. Corrosion in a closed water system is the result of, acidic conditions, oxidation caused by exposure of metal surfaces to air, which is caused by excess foam within the system and the electrolytic action of different metals which are common within the system. In marine cooling systems corrosion in the form of pitting, which is caused by the above mentioned parameters allows for the build up of scale, which leads to a reduction in the cooling properties of the system and potentially overheating of the engine. A system that is contaminated by scale, formed due to the salts from within the fresh water used in the system or oil due to a leakage from the engine, need to be efficiently removed to ensure protection of the metals surfaces.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Prevents corrosion and scale formation.
  • Prevents acid attack.
  • A chromate–free product.
  • It is not an oil compound and does not create foaming.
  • Protects various metal surfaces and is compatible with non–metals.
  • Increases the engine's efficiency.
  • Prevents scale overheating and maintains regular heat transfer.
  • Has no effect on rubber and plastic compounds, hoses.
  • Compatible with glycol–based antifreeze and sealing products.
  • Cost effective, easy to handle and apply.

Physical Properties:

D.C.W.T. NON CHROMATE is a non-Chromate, Nitritebased liquid compound consisting of corrosion and scale inhibitors, antifoam agents and pH adjusters.

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