Cooling Tower Treatment

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boiler water treatment



cooling tower treatment


For effective management and maintenance of cooling towers, tower equipment and cooling installations.

Biocides - non-oxidising

Our high performance non-oxidising biocides have been designed for industrial, commercial and process applications where the effective control of microbiological activity is essential.

Biocides - oxidising

Specifically designed oxidising biosides cater to the needs of disinfection and microbial activity inhibition in residential and pottable water sector.


Effective cleaning of cooling tower equipment and installations, particularily where the effective control of microbiological activity is essential.

CIP tower pack cleaning system

Based on the use of a unique foaming chlorine dioxide (stabilised) system.

Scale and corrosion inhibitors

Developed to manage the problems associated with system corrosion and the unwanted formation of scale in cooling tower water systems.

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