Cooling Tower Cleaning using Foam based chemicals for Legionella Control

A regular cooling tower water treatment can bring control on the outbreak of the Legionella bacteria
A respiratory infection can be really hazardous for your health. It can lead to your death as well. Make sure that proper cooling tower water is treated to eliminate the bacteria. Foam based chemical cleaning is considered the most effective.

Cooling towers hold large quantities of water. Hence, it is a potential breeding ground for the Legionella bacteria. The water contained within the cooling towers is heated through a heat exchange process that is ideal for the growth of the heat loving bacteria, Legionella. In case, an individual breathes the water droplets comprising the bacteria; it can result in acute respiratory infection, that can be fatal too.

A regular maintenance of cooling tower water must be practiced
The companies and organizations that use cooling towers must practice a regular and a proper maintenance and water treatment program. The health and the safety of the employees working are definitely at stake because of the outbreak of the bacteria. Moreover, the reputation of the company and the productivity also get hampered if right water treatment of cooling towers is not maintained.

The use of foam based chemicals in the cooling tower water treatment
The foam based chemicals used in the cleaning and the maintenance of the cooling towers is quite effective in controlling the Legionella bacteria. The cleaning process helps in the achievement of the highest standard of hygiene for the health and the safety of the workforce. There are several advantages of foam based chemicals in the cooling tower water treatment.
The benefits of using foam based chemical cleaning

  • It is less time consuming
  • Executes a deep cleaning
  • It is economical and doesn’t waste products as in case of liquid cleaning
  • The whole cleaning process if eco-friendly as there is no use of any toxic materials