Water quality while at sea is vitally important. GWTS provides chemical solutions for most applications, including tank and cargo holds. Our product range includes:
• Cleansers
• Descalers
• Solvents
• Flocculants
• Filters systems
• Liquid soaps, foams and powders

Our product range includes:

• RO antiscalants for sea water and brackish water RO plants

• Biocides for cleaning and slime control

• High and low pH cleaners

• Membrane preservatives

• Membrane bioreactor fouling control agents

We offer customised and specialised products for cooling water plants. Our engineers will survey your plant and system requirements, monitor your treatment programmes and regularly evaluate the results in order to fine tune performance.

  • We provide inhibitors that control corrosion, scaling and fouling over a variety of water quality and system conditions, including engine cooling systems, hot water systems, chilled water systems and furnace cooling systems.
  • We can improve your system’s cooling efficiency through non-polluting chemicals, including FDAapproved potable water treatment chemicals, metal sequesterants, corrosion inhibitors, scale retardants, antifoulants/dispersants and water disinfectants.
  • Our variety of biodegradable biocides control growth of algae, fungi and bacteria.

– Corrosion inhibitors
– Scale inhibitors/dispersants
– Bio-dispersants
– Oil dispersants
– Silica inhibitors
– Iron specific dispersants
– Oxidising biocides
– Non-oxidising biocides/algaecides
– Multi-functional products

Whether you are a small or large-scale commercial facility management company, business owner, commercial or industrial user, Green WTS waste water solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Green WTS manufactures and supplies new generation wastewater treatment plants, from small domestic to large-scale modular systems. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your exact requirements and will effortlessly deal with all your wastewater demands, while our cutting-edge, environment-friendly, legislation-compliant solutions that are simple to install, easy to live with and economical to maintain.

Domestic – our package plants are pre-designed for use in domestic properties, from single dwellings, massive accomodation camps to multi satelite cities.

Commercial – our bespoke solutions are designed to meet the needs of commercial developments.

Industrial – we will design and manufacture waste water systems that answers your specification, no matter how demanding or how large the throughput.