Water Chemistry

Water is the most suitable heat transfer and solvent due to inherent nature of solubility, fire proof, high heat transfer properties, safe due to non- toxic nature and abundance. However it posses heavy corrosion, scaling and microbiological activity.

Green Water Treatment Solutions through its regular learning center activities educate and train its customers, students and research institutes on water chemistry. This help to optimize water use, reduce water contamination and improve sustainability on our mother earth.

Water Treatment Chemicals, Water treatment applications, Sewage Treatment Plant design and engineering, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operations, Optimization of Chemical dosages. Treatment of Sewage, Grey Water, Food Industries, Biological Treatments are discussed in the learning center.

Corrosion Inhibitor (CLT series) , Scale Inhibitors (CS series), Cleaning Chemicals (EQC series), Biocides (ML series), Enviro Care Liqui Bac, Augment L 25 applications and detailed for the clients